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through the seam. Discard the old bladder. Step 5 Reach inside the ball with one hand and push the end of the inflation tube through the hole in the ball. Pull the tube from the outside until the bladder is tight against the inside of the ball. Step 6 Cut the inflation tube with the scissors, 1/2 inch from the outer surface of the ball. This allows you to partially inflate the ball for lacing without the tube
NFL jerseys china retracting inside the ball. You will trim the inflation tube flush after the ball is laced. Step 7 Put the ball flat on a stable surface with the inflation tube up. Attach the needle valve to an air pump. Moisten the end of the needle valve with water and insert the valve into the tube. Inflate the ball partially until the bladder is stable inside the ball. Pull the needle valve out of the inflation tube and set the pump aside for now. Step 8 Uncoil the new polyester lace. Refer to the lacing guide and lace the seam of the football using a lacing awl. Cut the ends of the lace as described and tuck each end

State’s new data reveal school discipline rates For the first time, student discipline and graduation rates across Washington school districts can be easily compared, using new data analysis tools unveiled Tuesday by state education officials. The hope, said Kristen Jaudon, a spokeswoman for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), is that better information will help educators make better decisions around the thorny issue of disproportionate discipline. In Washington as nationally black students are suspended at rates that far exceed their overall enrollment. Last year, 8.6 percent of African American kids were removed from Washington classrooms for misbehaving. They make up 4.8 percent of all students. Related stories This is one in a series of Education Lab stories exploring
NFL jerseys the problems of school discipline and how school districts are working to alleviate them. Others include: Suspending kids doesn’t fix bad behavior; schools look for answers In school discipline, intervention may work better

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